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From small spaces to large warehouses, we do it all at the most competitive rates in the local area.
We serve Pittsburgh, PA and all surrounding counties.
Call us today for a free consultation.


 Decorative Flake 


 Metallic Epoxy 




 Concrete Overlays 

Unlimited color blends available,

including custom options as well.


Flake flooring is very durable, and ideal for home garages.

Give your floor an exotic,

custom, ARTISTIC touch!

Several options offered to fill your commercial space needs. From high traffic restaurants/bars, to warehouses, dispensaries, medical, and everything in between.

Contact us with your business's information and we can help to suggest the right floor for your needs.

Simulate stone, hardwood, brick and more without the maintenance.

Perfect for outdoor applications such as sidewalks, driveways and patios.

We specialize in concrete epoxy coatings.
Several finish options to choose from, including Flake, Metallic, and Concrete Overlays.

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